Construction of Virtual Simulation Platform for Tourism

Shuang CHENG;Qiuju XIE;Jingfu ZHU;Ya GAO;Shuang WANG;Ruichen CHI;Ruijian LIU;Institute of Information Technology,Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University;

1 IntroductionWith the development of tourism,the dissemination form of touristscenic spot is also improving constantly.The dissemination of thetraditional scenic spot is based on the form of 2D graph ...

A Study of Virtual Museum Simulation Platform Based on 2.5D Architectural Modeling Technology

Longwei LI;College of Information and Technology,Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University;

1 IntroductionWith the application of virtual reality technology in science,edu-cation,culture and other fields,virtual museum comes into being.Virtual museum can make up for various deficiencies in v ...

Design and Research on Virtual Display of Whole Process Mechanization for Rice Production in Cold Region

Na WANG;College of Information Technology,Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University;

Received:January 22,2017 Accepted:March 23,2017Supported by Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang Province(F201428);Foundation of Heilongjiang Reclamation Area(HNK125B-04-06).*Corresponding autho ...

Application of quaternion in visual simulation of rigid body motion

HUANG Jin-yang;XIN Chang-fan;MA Yun-jian;JIA Yi-xian;School of Mechatronics Engineering,North University of China;

0 IntroductionIn the traditional flight dynamics,Euler angles ofthe spacecraft usually represent the rigid body atti-tudes,namely the precession,nutation and spin an-gles.This approach is not suitable ...


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